1908 the founder of our company Heinrich Kleffner established a forge right in the middle of Meerhof.

1921 his son, Johannes Kleffner, took over. Shortly after he started to provide labour and required machinery for agricultural work such as threshing to local farmers.

1956 the business was passed on to the next generation. Johannes Kleffner took the first steps towards trading and servicing agricultural machinery. In 1958 he established the business where we find it today, a little out of town, as a greenfield venture.

1996 Johannes Josef Kleffner took over the business management in fourth generation.
Consistent developments in agriculture and its technology ask for flexible management and technically highly skilled employees.

Today trade with our agricultural machinery and tractors takes place beyond regional and even national borders and especially with the Baltic states.

Since 2002 we are therefore also based in Bauska, Latvia, which also gives momentum to business in Germany.

For our local farmers it is very important to have a reputable repair shop and a reliable partner on their side.

After 100 years of company history we have reasons to look into the future with great confidence, because the framework for successful agriculture was never better than it is today.


Heinrich Kleffner (1908-1921)
Johannes Kleffner (1921-1956)
Johannes Kleffner (1956-1996)
Johannes Josef Kleffner (Seit 1996)